anti-subsidy investigations and reviews

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anti-subsidy investigations and reviews

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departments such as the Bureau of Fair Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, Yan Jarong actively answered the case and achieved good results. In September 2004, at the initiative of Unilin Corporation, Canada launched an anti-dumping / countervailing investigation on the Chinese floor. In the end, Yanjialong became the only Chinese company to win the 'zero anti-dumping tax rate.' Since 2005, the Canadian government has done a rare
review of Yandalong once a year. However, so far, Yandalong has maintained the zero tax rate every year. In July 2005, two U.S. companies affiliated with Unilin filed another '337' investigation into the U.S. government with more lethal charges, claiming that the locker floors of 34 companies (including 18 of them Chinese enterprises) infringed their patents . In January 2007, the results of the investigation of the '337' investigation were
announced and Yanjialong became the only Chinese company to win the award. Despite this, Yan Jalong, struggling to cope with 'foreign lawsuits,' has become overwhelmed. Yan Jarong should deal with Canada's annual anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations and reviews, which cost millions of dollars every year. Responding to the United States 337 investigation, only lawyer fees up to more than 13.5 million yuan. What is more
serious is that Unilin and Valinge are likely to join forces to deal with Yankalong in more countries in the future. This will make it very hard for Yanjialong to fight back if it becomes a reality. Yekaterin said that if foreign-funded high-cost litigation 'tactics' work, if Yan Jialong unable to cope with the entire Chinese flooring industry will once again fall into the dilemma of non-core patents, Unilin and Valinge two floor giants to re-raise the
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