C Luo wearing a hat magic wing regret back

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C Luo wearing a hat magic wing regret back

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Beijing time on May 3 at 2:45, 2016-2017 season UEFA Champions League semi-final first round ushered in a focus of the war, defending champion Real Madrid sits home against rivals rival Madrid. C Lo home staged hat trick, Kawahar Brett Connolly Youth Jersey injured end, the final Real Madrid 3-0 win over Atletico Madrid, accounting for the promotion of the initiative, the second round of the two sides will move to Calderon Stadium for the second round of competition.Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid history of a total of 214 times. Real Madrid to 109 wins and 52 draws and 54 losses, scored 357 goals lost 273 goals to prevail. In the Champions League, the two teams played a total of 7 times, Real Madrid to 4 wins and 2 draws and 1 losses, scored 10 goals lost 5 goals to take advantage of the results. This season the two sides have played against the league, the first leg of the league game, C Lo in the Calderon stadium hat-trick, the second round of the Real Madrid in the Bernabeu by the Atletico 1-1 draw, Pepper break, Gleeszmann equalizer. Real Madrid and other La Liga teams in the war in Europe a total of 20 times played against, Real Madrid 11 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses occupy an absolute advantage, Atletico in the war in Europe and the Spanish team also had 20 confrontation , Atletico scored only 8 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses record.And a Champions League match starting lineup compared to Zidane's campaign to make the first lineup to make an adjustment: Varanne injury comeback, replace the Nacho, and Ramos composed of Zhongwei combination. In addition Navas as the starting goalkeeper, Kawahar and Marcelo formed left and right back. Casemiro as midfielder defensive midfielder, Cross and Modrić as midfielder offensive and defensive organization dual-core, as the offensive commander of Islam, C Luo and Benzema formed striker partner. In addition Pepe and Bell missed the game, before the start of the game, Reuben - Yáñez, Mariano and Daniluo for technical reasons missed the 18-man squad.The first 4 minutes, Walla inside the field pass, C Luo restricted area before the http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com/authentic-44-brooks-orpik-jersey.html left foot heavy artillery kick the ball high. The first 7 minutes, Kawahar right side of the road when the right foot suddenly throttle, Aobulake saved the ball, Benzema right foot Buji slightly biased. The first 10 minutes, Real Madrid first to break the deadlock, Kassemi Luo restricted area right rib pass, C Luo header Gongmen succeeded, 1-0. C Luo completed the Champions League knockout stage 50 goals, in the Champions League semi-final stage scored 11 goals, including Real Madrid scored 8 goals for Manchester United scored three goals, while C Luo himself will be the individual Champions League goal The number of refresh to the 101 ball, this season C Luo total participation Deacon Jones Authentic Jersey in 13 goals, scored 8 assists 5 times, is the Champions League all the players in the most. The last 220 minutes total scored 6 goals, recently against the Atletico scored 19 goals, of which 10 goals are 25 minutes before the opening into the.16 minutes, Cross out of the right corner of the front corner, Walla header header was Obraque denied. 1 minute later, Cross out of the delivery pass, the right foot of the restricted area outside the restricted area again blocked again. 18 minutes, Benzema restricted area left rib received C Luo pass, left foot hit the door was blocked. The first 20 minutes, Kawahar right way pass, Benzema restricted area right foot hit the door was Obraque confiscated.The first 24 minutes, Marcelo on the left by the road was Aubrac double boxing, Modric restricted http://www.officiallaramsauthentic.com/Kenny-Britt-Jersey.html area before the ball right foot heavy artillery door, the ball wiped the left column out of the bottom line. The first 26 minutes, Cork midfielder pull the organization to fight back Modric, the referee Atkinson to produce a yellow card warned Cork. The first 29 minutes, C Luo left the road pass, Benzema barbs hit the door slightly hit the door slightly.53 minutes, Najiao front break caused the foul of Saou Er, Atletico midfielder to eat a yellow card. 57 minutes, Carrasco restricted area before receiving Saouer pass, right foot hit the door high. 1 minute later, Torres and Gaitan debut, respectively, replaced the Camero and Saouer. The first 60 minutes, Gaitan right cross, Cork Authentic Kenny Britt Womens Jersey restricted area before the right foot hit the door to the ball missed.The first 67 minutes, Arsenio played Substitution of Isaiah, Atletico made a third substitution adjustment, Angel - Correa played replaced Carrasco. The first 73 minutes, Real Madrid to expand the score, Benzema restricted area before the ball horizontal wave, Felipe fell to the ground to close down C Luo did not break the ball, C Lo into the restricted area right rib burst shot broke, 2-0. C Lo past three Champions League game scored 7 goals crazy, the Champions League knockout stage scored 51 goals, the semi-final total scored 12 goals for Real Madrid scored 9 goals for Manchester United scored three goals, beyond the Di Stefan Connaught, became the Champions League history of the semi-final scoring the most players. The season knockout stage C Luo scored 7 goals, beyond the team at the horse, the bed unit scored 6 goals.
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