hand housing and affordable housing

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hand housing and affordable housing

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association president Zhu Bingsheng told reporters that Nanjing last year sales of residential, second - hand housing and affordable housing area reached nearly 14 million square meters. Huge housing sales, resulting in this spring home improvement market is extremely hot. Hot scene from the Spring Festival before the "cross-year project",
and in March held a frequent home improvement exhibitions and materials exhibition can be seen. Home improvement caused by rising complaints, Nanjing Decoration Industry Association, deputy secretary-general said that they received and received complaints in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year rose about 15%.
Telephone complaints or complaints can not be handled, compared to the same period last year rose by at least 60%, which a large number of complaints due to the "home guerrillas", so that the Association is difficult to help consumers in place. Straight told reporters that the contents of the complaint in addition to the quality of the project often appeared,
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