southern part new developed

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southern part new developed

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hero install mid, southern part new developed area, it is Beijing ferry look forward to air pollution prevents and cure " 1+2 " one of core cities, Pvc Shower Cladding also be a capital important zoology protective screen. Tens of year come, man-made board, steely, metal pressing is delayed, the industrial development such as insulation material becomes Langfang industry of pillar of region of a few counties, and

appear " swarm body, decking bench seat small individual " condition, small company, small mill collects an area to blossom everywhere in the industry, pollution is heavier. Among them, county of city of Langfang bully state, Wen An, big city county is having dimensions giant " messy corrupt " industry group, it is the key area of punish. Group of industry of furniture of How To Build Wooden Flower Pots glass of bully city metal

holds 70% right-and-left share of countrywide. Wen An county is our country's important plywood production base, peak from time to tome enterprise more than 8000, how much is 2x6 plastic decking amount to from personnel of course of study of 100 thousand numerous. Big city county amounts to 600 much home, battalion to receive many yuan 50 when height of company of nonferrous metal treatment, 1800 much home, battalion
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