enterprises solid wood flooring production

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enterprises solid wood flooring production

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<p>wood flooring industry has still been a good development,<a href=''>wpc decking on sale</a> according to statistics of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Statistics,composite deck for front entrance ideas only the above-scale enterprises solid wood flooring production is completed 30,596,000 square meters, an increase of 78.17% over the previous year and 170,227,700 square meters of parquet, down only by 0.87% on a year-on-year basis. II. Prospects In 2009, both difficulties and opportunities are </p>
<p>twofold in everything. How to turn crises into opportunities and jointly fight the severe impact of the financial tsunami so that enterprises can grow and develop are the common aspirations of all.<a href=''>how to install external wood wall cladding mauritius</a> How to turn danger into opportunity This is the floor industry must face the reality, how to resolve:building floating deck over concrete (A) the first is to solve the floor materials, last year, due to Russia's substantial increase in export tariffs on logs, resulting in post-sale timber prices </p>
<p>are too high, difficult for enterprises Accepted,<a href=''>patio modern tiles</a> resulting in the reduction of logs imported from Russia reached 6 million cubic meters, the solution: 1, through the government, civil society and the Russian government to negotiate to seek both sides can accept the tax rate so that the Russian logs can be more smoothly imported into our country ;front entrance steps design 2, broaden the timber import channels, according to the price level and the tree species </p>
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