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Practicing scuba diving is a fascinating thing that attracts an increasing number of people. It is no wonder that scuba is such a popular sport considering that it offers the possibility to know better the wonderful life that lies under the waters of the world. The dangers that scuba diving implies should not be forgotten however. I'm not saying that we must stop practicing this sport because it can imply major risks. The important thing is for you to know basic things when you want to start practicing it. Plus , if you want to go for scuba in more unfriendly location, you need to have some professional knowledge so that you could avoid unpleasant or even painful situations.

Deep waters can be fatal for divers if they don't have the needed skills and if they don't know how to safely exit. Getting back aboard may seem very difficult when the boat is unstable and you are in waters that have a significant depth. The first thing to keep in mind is to maintain your calm , and not to panic. You need to evaluate your environment and observe the changes that took place since the moment you entered the water. Be careful with the possible wave actions and currents that became more intense. In order to get to the surface in the best state, you should also evaluate your position and other divers' position to see who is closer to the surface than you. Once you know where you stay , you must avoid getting too close to the other divers, especially when it comes to standing beneath one. Only after you clearly know what your positions are you can start swimming up safely by avoiding the other divers. If you don't feel prepared to fight with the water at a specific moment then you should ask for help to someone who is close to you or is closer to the boat.

The most significant thing is for you to maintain the calm if you don't see the boat anymore or something else happens. If you will be able to observe the situation then you have more chances to come up with solutions. In general , you need to be very well trained and have some experience when you go diving in deeper waters but not all people get to stay equilibrated when they face a bad situation. If you don't feel ready for such things but you still want to swim in deep waters then you should make the trip with a professional that can constantly swim by your side.

When you practice this sport don't forget it is a risky activity not just something else you do for fun. Stay cautious to prevent any accidents to happen and choose more risky locations when you have some experience already.
Boxing gloves help to prevent injuries to both boxers by spreading the force the blow over a larger area than the bare fist alone and reducing the impact to the opponent. They also protect the knuckles of the boxers and the hand bones, particularly the 5th metatarsal also known as the hook of hamate. A fracture of this bone is commonly known as a boxers fracture.

Boxing gloves are not a new invention. They have been around for over 3 ,000 years having been handed down from the Greek Olympic sport to the Romans who used them in gladiatorial contests. The Greeks used a padded hardened leather strap; the Romans added to it resulting in crippling and often fatal injuries. This lead to a ban of the sport of boxing in 30 B.C.

Although in the 17th century boxing gloves were introduced they were only used in practice since the bouts were still being fought bare knuckled resulting in fighters being crippled or killed. In the 19th century boxing gloves were made mandatory as part of the Marquis of Queensbury Rules adopted by boxing commissions. They have been part of boxing ever since.

All gloves are measured to the boxer the bigger the boxer, the bigger the glove. Gloves have different weights to help the boxer work on the bag , train, spar , and compete. Typical glove weights in the United States are anywhere from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

Amateur boxing gloves have a white area on the back of the glove to help judges see the where the punches land more easily and help the boxers score points. They are usually red or blue.

Lighter gloves known as speed gloves are basically padded mittens that are used with the lightweight speed bag. This bag is not hit for greater force of impact, but to train the boxer on their speed. As such heavier gloves are not needed except to protect the skin over the knuckles of the boxer. They can also be used with the punching mitts to help a boxer work on their punching form or patterns.

Bag gloves are padded specifically to protect the hands and writs of the boxer due to the high and constant impact with the punching bags. They are designed to stand up to the heavy use during training , unlike those used in bouts. Durability and protection of the boxer is key in these gloves. They weigh typically between 8 to 16 ounces. These gloves are not used in sparring.

Training or Sparring gloves are designed to protect both the boxer and sparring partner from injuries. They are made from multi layers of foam padding and heavier to protect the boxer and the sparring partner. They are heavier than competition gloves, weighing in from 14 to 20 ounces. Construction of these boxing gloves also focuses on durability so they can be used from day to day.

Competition or professional gloves are lighter in weight , often 8 to 10 ounces. Although very light they have specific construction requirements for the protection of both athletes and are constructed only of the highest grades of leather and foam padding.

The person training the boxer with their punches although not hitting back will wear punch mitts. This type of boxing glove was made for impact by the glove of the boxer into the hand of the trainer. There is no padding on the back of the glove as all the impact is taken into the palm of the punch mitt.

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