province had two enterprises

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province had two enterprises

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province is exemple, this province had two enterprises to will import 193m3 of floor of 3 batches of woodiness from Brazil April, value 135 thousand dollar. Bureau of diy decking pricing singapore classics Zhejiang quarantine undertakes to its quarantine discovers, floor of these 3 batches of wood is put have many quality problem. Among them two batches of goods are 9.8cm by width of contract provision floor, ply not

bottom at 1.9cm, but the width that recycle plastic for horse stables arrives actually is to be in however 9 - the 12 % left and right sides that the floor between 9.5cm held sum total unexpectedly; Ply is in 1.7 - the 55 % that the floor of 1.8cm held sum total; Break and dead section occupy the 12 % left and right sides of gross each; The surface has the floor of black line to occupy the 5 % of gross. timber deck material Still have a batch

of money only problem of a quality occupies board surface off color the 70 % above of gross, board face occupies the 20 % above of gross coarsely, also existing to bend likewise, section child wait for blemish. Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, zhejiang quarantine bureau outside issueing triplet to be outdoor water proof sheeting opposite certificate of trade claim for compensation, because the fact is
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