quadrate lumber are machined

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quadrate lumber are machined

Postprzez Qizhenbi » Pn maja 15, 2017 3:11 am

The lumber that is suspected illegal fell trees trades amount reached 6.3 billion dollar 2014, those who flow into China is most, take 3.3 billion dollar. The analysis thinks, circular lumber and quadrate lumber are machined to be the goods such as furniture after entrance China, be mixed to Japan by the sale again Euramerican each country.

The report says, flow into native market to put an end to illegal lumber, japan and home of Europe United States from aggrandizement begins to be opposite 10 years ago the management of native market, the result may cause illegal lumber to flow into the China with lax management and India to wait in great quantities. This federation points out " each state-owned and necessary unified step tries control " .

This group is mixed through manufacturing country between consumptive country the difference of trading business volume flow direction that analysed illegal lumber. China imported value from southeast Asia 1.7 billion dollar, imported 600 million dollar respectively from the Oceania and Russia, from Africa mid the illegal timber that imported 300 million dollar. India also imported 500 million dollar from southeast Asia illegal lumber. Illegal lumber of Japan basically comes from southeast Asia, "oak fence wall panel in Norway,inexpensive deck material,pool deck plans for round pools"
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