wood floor of the board

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wood floor of the board

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At the same time its sound customer service system for its list to add an important weight. Comprehensive strength, is the wood floor of the board of the common characteristics of the brand. Hope that through our monthly assessment to help consumers choose to the heart of the wooden floor at the same time, to promote the healthy development of the entire wood flooring industry, that is, the significance of this list.
Forestry industry has always been in the frontier field of wood science and technology.At present, the forestry industry has surpassed the discipline boundary, and the edge of the cross - disciplinary breakthrough, forestry industry to expand rapidly, blooming bright wreaths and colors.The question of thinking has long been in my mind for a long time: how can the nature of the gift of human wood to play a higher position?
Where is the innovation of forestry industry?How to make and use wood products scientifically?Nature is so amazing, To construct the magic of the forest and abundant species, Perfect the structure of the compound mechanism and peculiar, given the nature of the beauty of wood, after an in-depth study, the germination of reverie, would like to share with colleagues.
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