lot of consumer

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lot of consumer

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bring about a lot of consumer to discern hard. So small today make up the distinction that gives everybody introduction African Hua Limu and Burmese Hua Limu. Above all, want to know Africa spends the distinction of pear wood and Burmese Hua Limu, small make up what should part first to give everybody introduction these two kinds of a few lumber.

The formal name of wood of African beautiful pear is called special family name Gu Huangmu, its lumber is medicinal powder Kong Cai, lumber surface duramen shows rufous brunet stripe, itself does not have special odour, and the structure is stabilized even, have anti-corrosive, hardness sex of strong, drying shrinkage is big wait for a characteristic.

Wood of African beautiful pear basically grows the selva of West Africa and East Africa, and medium, western the intertropical area such as Africa. Africa spends pear lumber grain The Mu Wen of Burmese Hua Limu is opposite at African pear flowers and trees for relatively clear, the surface has the figure of similar tiger skin, whole is mixed distinctly exceedingly beautiful, and lumber color is reddish incarnadine. Itself has density tall, hardness strong, quality of a material even, "exterior granite stair treads,marine grade anti slip decking product for wooden decks,green composite wood floor for sale"
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