The lumber that African

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The lumber that African

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Notable is, of this data statistic " annatto " be not national level regulation " 5 belong to 8 kinds 33 kinds " , however a general designation of high grade hardwood. The lumber that African area produces has 5 kinds to be in GB category, although other most lumber is not had " annatto " the identity, but because of the price inferior, amount is larger, be valued by industry place gradually. Wingceltis of brazilwood of Shabili, ancient exterminate, blood... go up in domestic lumber market, what these high grade hardwood that come from African area make the market gradually is new bestow favor on.

Capital digs market of golden Africa forestry On domestic lumber market, the lumber catholicity that comes from Africa can be better, and opposite price is low. Capital also aimed forestry resource of Africa, in this respect movement again and again. Recently, in new 3 board the saline city that hang out one's shingle sincere win Inc.

of lighting electric equipment (the following abbreviation " sincere gain share " ) announce to undertake business recombine. This before advocate the enterprise of the research and development that business Wu is energy-saving lamp and LED illume product, design, production and sale, announce to march domain of silvan natural resources. The reporter understands, since July 2015, sincere win capital of border extend of share and Beijing to manage limited company to sign " loan agreement " , to on December 2, 2016 capital of short-term loan of Xiang Jianggen capital 8.25 million yuan. "Plastic Simulated Burl Wood Trim Sheets,wpc outdoor fences for sale,building curved flower box"
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