price of raw material

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price of raw material

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But because get,in recent years cost of price of raw material, labour force rises, the RMB appreciates, the influence of the adverse element such as international trade attrition, traditional tall use up, the travel before the lumber such as large-scale, low additional cost machines the way that the industry develops to already continued hard, because of this lumber treatment industry transition upgrades extremely urgent!

And " of plywood " expensive harbor, innovate in the technology, transition upgrades, construction is had on modern forestry estate first machine, because this hopes expensive harbor city captures current lumber to machine an industry to accelerate the good luck of development, make full use of the resource with good advantageous this locality, drive lumber to machine an industry to carry archives to upgrade, make industry of treatment of expensive harbor lumber further do greatly strong, make the whole nation's famous lumber machine industrial base.

Deputy office of Guangxi forestry hall grows Huang Zhengkang to make a speech Huang Zhengkang deputy hall is long express, guangxi light, hot, water is abundant, natural condition is advantageous, development forestry has advantaged resource advantage. Guangxi is developing short cut down period and round of industry the advantage on raw material forest is clear, especially ash fast unripe tree is planted 5-6 of round of cut down period year, it is to build fast the ideal that gives birth to high yield forest visits an area; "environmentally friendly deck materials,allure parquet wood plastic dance floor tiles,green decking on porch"
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