check the doors and windows hinge hinge installation

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check the doors and windows hinge hinge installation

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<p>addition to the individual, the same shape but also to ensure the consistent style. Should ensure that the surface of the carpentry project is smooth, there is no drum or broken, symmetrical carpentry projects should be symmetrical. 4, look at the corner and parquet woodwork normal angle is 90 degrees, of course, special design factors except; the right wood parquet, to achieve seamless interaction to maintain </p>
<p>uniform spacing or distance. 5, the door switch is normal acceptance of the cabinet door, to try the switch is normal, the cabinet door is opened, should be easy to operate, no sound. 6, to see if there is no nail cover the structure of the nails used in the ceiling, you need to paint the nail on the anti rust paint, and after the completion of the carpentry project to check the decorative panel nail eye is not good. </p>
<p>&amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; Part2:5 points to ensure acceptance acceptance of wood windows and doors wooden doors and windows in the home is often used as interior doors, windows, although not in the face of the storm, but its effect on the production and installation of Home Furnishing decoration effect is very large, and if the quality problems have caused great trouble for later use and repair. Therefore, the </p>
<p>eco friendly decking wood plastic<br />
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