from the location of the door, windows

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from the location of the door, windows

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<p>changes in atmospheric humidity on the furniture. 4, to prevent contact with alcohol, banana water and other solvents, otherwise it will leave a scar on the mahogany furniture surface&quot;. In the furniture surface stained with dirt, wash with soap and water dilution, drying and waxing once, to restore the original appearance, do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other liquid solvent wipe, lest paint and paint </p>
<p>wipe furniture surface gloss. 5, mahogany furniture hidden in the cupboard to moderate, stored objects, do not exceed the frame, or squeeze hard, easy to cause the deformation of the door. The above content is house introduce you about rosewood furniture and maintenance methods, hope to be able to help you, such as the need for more mahogany furniture maintenance knowledge, please </p>
<p>continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Mahogany furniture is made with rosewood, rosewood and other classical mahogany furniture, with beautiful shape, good quality, durable, texture calm and beautiful appearance, is a kind of furniture by the majority of consumers. The house to introduce six mahogany furniture maintenance tips. First, mahogany furniture in the room should be placed </p>
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