beautiful performance in all

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beautiful performance in all

Postprzez Qizhenbi » Śr maja 17, 2017 9:19 am

to write year, let us one case 2017 hand in hand, achieve beautiful performance in all. Formal put into production produces per year Jiangxi A Du Lamu course of study 3000 above ambry,On Jiangxi province perch of government of county Party committee of county of forgive city Mt Jade, county is driven below, what pressing down Party committee, government is daily attemper below, a Du of enterprise of Wen Chengzhen capital attraction pulls construction of wooden industry project to grab wet of sunshine, battle, through a year many fight bravely continuously, threw production formally on December 29, 2016.

Jiangxi A Du Lamu course of study limited company is the modern company that runs ark of real wood hutch to give priority to with production, registered on April 21, 2014, register capital 2 million yuan, produce per year 3000 above ambry, settle became area piece via opening area article 2014, start working was built in October 2015.

The project is 32.5 mus about with ground area, establish production in all workshop, paint workshop, store the area such as building of storehouse, accommodation, exhibition hall 20000 square metre, the project always invests 120 million yuan of RMBs. The project is amounted to produce after amounting to mark, can come true advocate business Wu stops a person 160 million yuan, year capture pay taxes receives 6.8 million yuan, can solve 200 people obtain employment. "dark green composite decking sale,outdoor composite siding price,plastic tongue and groove porch floors"
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