entrance of fragrance

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entrance of fragrance

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Peaceful board of Russia of entrance of fragrance river port increases 40.3% 2016 1 to in November, heilongjiang peacefuls 1.74 million stere, goods is worth plank of entrance of fragrance river port three hundred and ninety million three hundred and ninety thousand dollar, grow respectively compared to the same period 40.3% with 32.9% , main entrance sort is deciduous leaf pine, Bai Song, camphor tree child wood of loose, northeast china ash, oak.

According to the analysis, the main reason that plank import rises considerably is: Come from 2014 2017, our country stops cent pace our country in the round natural forest commerciality cuts, natural forest commerciality stops cut down to make the depend on sb or sth for existence to importing timber spends our country to promote considerably;

Policy of Russia custom duty encourages plank export, and punish sexual custom duty to exporting log to collect, exciting plank is right China exit. For this, peaceful fragrance river bureau strengthens entrance plank quarantine to prove strength, aggrandizement risk is evaluated, the quarantine sex that key sieve checks high risk is harmful biology, zoology of safeguard country door, live thing is safe; In the meantime, the check rule that enhances pair of entrance plank controls government, "the going rate of a composite deck with railings per square foot,wooden deck plastic australian conditions,can you lay ikea deck flooring on rock"
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