consumers in the use process of pine furniture

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consumers in the use process of pine furniture

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<p>the corrosive surface of the liquid, alcohol, nail polish, etc.. In addition to pine lotus: many consumers in the use process of pine furniture, often encounter pine (pine resin) remains or oozing to the surface, not only caused the paint is difficult, and affect the appearance and use effect. If you want to get rid of the pine pine, can adopt the following methods: sodium carbonate 8%~10% with 1 alkali washing solution </p>
<p>(sodium carbonate) or 4%~6% caustic soda solution, cleaning pine pine oil area, the pine oil saponification (oil and alkali into soap and glycerin role, then) with a sponge or brush dipped in hot water (40~50 C) scrub, rinse. 2 rinsing method will be 20 grams of bleaching powder, warm water 0.5 kg, dissolved, with this solution repeatedly brushing pine pine parts until slightly white, then rinse with water. 3 more to </p>
<p>eradicate local law from seeping, can use the local blade eradication, then smooth the putty. Irrespective of the approach, all need to use ethanol (alcohol) scrub again or coated with a layer of shellac varnish, in case no net addition to the pine pine oil exudation, influence of film. 4 dissolution method with 25% acetone solution, can also be used in the solution of 20% acetone water and a small amount of alkali </p>
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