stained with the brush on the furniture

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stained with the brush on the furniture

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<p>crack. Ancient people often use the table protection is very good, why? Because the ancients eat, drink tea like now, the whole table scraps to heap, dirty. They are eating, drinking tea tray, to protect the desktop, if any boy servant girl, put the tea or rice soup accidentally spilled on the table, not a reprimand. The oil on the table, the use of alcohol to wipe, if there is no alcohol, can be wiped with a high degree </p>
<p>of white wine, which is a common method used by the old people in Beijing. Maintenance three: keep dry, cope with seasonal seasons in distinct areas, very exquisite furniture and maintenance. For example, after the summer spring and autumn two season, dry climate by tide or by dry wet, should be timely to open the door, open the drawer, the furniture and wind, so as to avoid the side is too dry or too wet </p>
<p>and warping. However, when the wind, can not let the furniture exposed to the sun or tuyere, should be placed in a cool, dry place. Because of excessive sun exposure will damage the wood furniture material, causing wood cracking or warping, so try to ensure that the ancient furniture is not subject to sunlight, while maintaining its moderate drying. Maintenance method four: if used on furniture waxing </p>
<p>tongue and groove composite panelling<br />
plants that can be used as fence<br />
flexible plastic wood</p>
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