Big family strategy to cultivate the stage, companies need t

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Big family strategy to cultivate the stage, companies need t

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<P>"61" Children's Day near, I believe the children's furniture market will become the focus of attention, children's furniture is also industrial and commercial, quality inspection departments of the black list of "regulars." To last two sampling, for example,what is the general use of outdoor table and chair? January 22, 2016, the State Administration of Quality Supervision announced the results of national supervision and inspection of children's furniture product quality. 13 products do not meet the standard requirements, of which 9 children's furniture due to warning signs are not up to the list, accounting for nearly 70%.</P>
<P>September 14, 2016, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce official website published quality sampling results publicity said that in the circulation of goods in the field of sampling work in 2016, discount portable chiropractic tablethe Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau of the Beijing market sales of children's furniture products were sampling. The sampling results show that there are five problems with the product.</P>
<P>Consumer tips: "children's furniture, general technical conditions" has been published for many years, but from all over the country's furniture products sampling notice, children's furniture is still the hardest hit, and the local structural security aspects of the problem, on the one hand, individual corporate social responsibility is not strong,inflatable bed for car boot Between the interests of enterprises and social responsibility do not want to compromise, many enterprises in the furniture production has its own mature production lines and technology.</P>
<P>If in accordance with the new national standard re-development of products, correct the original design of the product, need to invest a considerable cost, which also caused many companies do not want to rectification,furniture rental in florida so in the sampling, some brands deliberately avoid local structural security issues; Enterprises do not fully understand the national standard, resulting in non-compliance products still appear in the market.</P>
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