big floor board

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big floor board

Postprzez Qizhenbi » Pn cze 19, 2017 4:53 am

before the parrot floor of industry of abundant China timber exhibits an area to attracting abroad to purchase the land of in an endless stream such as business, shopkeeper, cost for above ground pool with composite decks architect, agency, will look around negotiate. As we have learned, the parrot floor of industry of abundant China timber exported growth to exceed 30% 2016,

sell growth in American market especially fast, afterwards " razzia " after brand shop of American ground material, comprehensive already " land " the United States the first, composite rural fence in france the 2nd, supermarket of the 3rd big floor board. Exhibit meeting hind, parrot floor is in the United States of the market new round of sale grows open.

Through this two exhibit greatly meeting, industry of abundant China timber revealed diversification product and innovation to manufacturer of world each country and client not only, wholesale lattice panel milwaukee more showed " China is made " glamour. Jin Yuehua expresses, future, parrot floor will continue to continue the strategic layout of globalization, provide high grade product and service for global client.
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