the common wood planing

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the common wood planing

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<p>body. Practice has proved that the multi-layer solid wood flooring foot comfort and natural wood floor identical, paving method are basically the same because of obvious advantages, the market gradually increase the amount of. Multi-layer solid wood floor structure layer 1, pro environment - surface multi-layer solid wood floor surface pressing rare wood, natural texture, and maintaining the wood floor natural noble, while reducing the excessive consumption </p>
<p>of precious wood; close to nature, enjoy the housing. The strict water content treatment makes the water content difference between the board and the substrate of the Board exist scientific difference, so that the plate is in the state of prestress. When it is used in winter or during the heating dry season, the plate releases pressure so as to balance the deformation of the plate and the substrate to ensure that it does not crack in the geothermal heating environment. The </p>
<p>surface layer of multi-layer solid wood flooring is usually rare wood species of African red sandalwood, red, grey, Shabili Kaya Begonia, European white oak, oak, oak, red sandalwood, zebra wood, black walnut, anadenanthera, balsam, elm and different grades of decorative effect, the development of domestic and foreign selling more than 60 kinds of colors with over 40 kinds of material. Both the 0.6mm and the plane was the best-selling domestic and </p>
<p>notching big post fence<br />
recycled plastic landscape ties<br />
wood composite company in estonia</p>
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