Low-cost floor bubble upturned

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Low-cost floor bubble upturned

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the surface of the festival, color and other phenomena are normal. At the same time, it is also the solid wood flooring is different from the natural nature of the composite floor, it is not too demanding. If the floor surface has insects, cracks, decay, blue, dead and other defects in the construction can be based on laying needs, or truncated, or saw in half, whichever is available to its defects.
Note 7: paint quality regardless of light or matte paint the floor, the selection should be observed when the surface film is uniform, full, smooth. Paint sub-UV, PU two. Ask the sales person about the type of paint on the floor. In general, oil-containing flooring such as teak, ant wood (Ebel), purple heart hematoxylin need to use PU paint, with UV paint will appear off the paint from the shell phenomenon.
PU paint color real, clear texture, if damaged easy to repair. PU paint due to a long drying time, the required processing period is also long. In addition, the price of PU paint flooring will be slightly higher than the price of UV paint flooring. Low-cost floor bubble upturned and not for both sides of the "pull saw" Consumers Association mediation: both sides take a step now Recently,
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