solid wood floor

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solid wood floor

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Red Sandalwood is in Brazil for the top grade, some merchants as the Indonesian Red Sandalwood as the Brazilian posing as.There are Mu jia beans as a golden car flower pear, Gan ba dou posing as pear or golden flower pear, etc.In this regard, forest products Zhi jian zhan experts reminded that buying high-grade solid wood floor must be careful of the tree species have false.
Can choose nature, Flynn, rich, seven what a coincidence and so on famous brand, relative quality has the guarantee.Trap 3: special furniture carefully bought Ms Wu in a family of Ju cheng watched a set of five sets of bedroom, after the payment of the deposit, the merchant said their bed with a length of 2.1 meters.
Is currently the most popular size in the world, ordering this bed, need to be equipped with the same specification of mattresses, and the market on the market 2.1 meters of mattress only their stores have.The original price is 1500 yuan / zhang, and now sells 1300 yuan / a card.
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