lot of flooring business to seize

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lot of flooring business to seize

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so the floor bought, let the construction team directly laying, and now the floor there is a big gap , Flooring business that their floor is no problem, is the construction problem; and the construction team is identified as a quality of the floor there is a big problem, which makes Mr. Liu rights in trouble.
Experts believe that now a lot of flooring business to seize the installation of the market, to a large extent, too much emphasis on profits and speed, in the construction quality and details of the deal is not strict, to the long-term use of the floor left a lot of hidden dangers. At the same time due to the lack of professional management and strict construction standards,
once the quality of the floor after the problem, manufacturers and construction teams are often shirking responsibility, stalemate, and ultimately make consumers exhausted and suffered losses. In this regard, Nanjing 12315 to remind consumers are preparing to install, buy wood flooring, the consumer should pay attention to the quality of the floor, pavement methods, warranty and so on.
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