wooden floor design

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wooden floor design

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The enterprise is located in the Hulin area, covering an area of 10000 m2, the building area is 1000 m2, the enterprise and the early 2002 cut-off.4. Production of main products: the production of wooden floor design is 500 m3.5. Enterprise assets, debt and owner's rights and interests: the total assets of the enterprise is 1000000 yuan, and the total liability is 2000000 yuan.
Second, the right to transfer the property rights, 1, the whole sale: the sale price of 2000000 yuan 2, overall rental: annual rent of 100000 yuan 3,Contact: Dan Yongfu zip code: 158400: 0467-5823457 phone Because of the strong demand for Chinese-made hardwood products in China, China has become a major import country for broad-leaved in the United States for three consecutive years.
This is the news from the 10th American Broad-leaved Wood Export Committee, Southeast Asia and Greater China, held in Beijing in June 8th.Chen Xizhen Director, director of the Greater China and Southeast Asia Office of the American broad-leaved Export Committee, said: in 2004,The mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan areas have grown substantially in hardwood imports from the United States, up to 3600000000 yuan (equivalent to $500000000).
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