the design requirements of special

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the design requirements of special

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<p>the main keel spacing is not greater than 300mm, keel spacing is not greater than 400mm, pick out the cantilever keel length should not be more than 150mm, there should be based on the design requirements of special design requirements, but must be reinforced. 4., check whether the installation is firm, wooden keel installation should be solid, the skeleton arrangement should be neat and straight, and there is no obvious error in the lap joint, dislocation. </p>
<p>The wooden keel spacing shall not be greater than 600mm, and shall be symmetrically arranged on both sides of the horizontal keel, and the horizontal wooden keel is in contact with the cover panelIn recent years, the development of solid wood furniture industry has been in good shape. With the continuous expansion of China's solid wood furniture industry and the continuous expansion of the market, China's solid wood furniture industry brand has entered a fierce </p>
<p>competition stage. So, as a consumer to choose? The house Xiaobian to introduce China wood furniture ten brands, to help you understand the wood furniture brand. Solid wood furniture brand rankings: Langfang Huari since its establishment in 1981, Langfang Huari furniture after 30 years of development, now has a variety of style sofa, wooden doors, cabinets, furniture and other products, is a research and development, design, production and sales as one </p>
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