discovered by lumber

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discovered by lumber

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Classics investigation: Shack some oneself will be in the Xu Mou of county of dark blue of billows of general Er city after the Sai Maosong inside the cutting area of the village of dagger of countryside of blessing of glutinous of county of billows dark blue cuts, van of 3 east wind prepares hire by Pu Er Sai Maosong log city of Er of 5/4 tongue and groove treated pine decking general of traffic of county of city billows dark blue considers cogongrass area. Below the condition that carries card without lumber,

glutinous of bureau of forestry of county of dark blue of billows of car by way of attempts to take the advantage of colour of sky when checkpoint of Za Du lumber late already, pass the gimmick blue composite decking germany deceive pass a test of calash cloth cover, be discovered by lumber checkpoint fullback gets stuck, execute the law the Sai Maosong log that personnel spot lades to van of 3 experience case has collate test, 3 cars all lade long for the 2 Sai Maosong log that differ to 4 meters,

lumber volume adds up to 34.618 stere. Of this case investigate quickly, highlighted cross region alarm the principal port that Wu cooperates. At present the case is in further investigation. build garden box composite decking Malaysia exports suspensive balata lumber overseas market Malaysia is cultivated with horse of former industry minister sleeve is in 20 days by force when kuala lumpur and Malaysia furniture industry always can represent a talk,
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