the Association of wood flooring professional

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the Association of wood flooring professional

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after-sales service double commitment forum, the Association of wood flooring professional committee deputy director Yang Meixin said in an interview with reporters. 7 years ago, in the face of China's rapid development of the flooring industry, many private enterprises, hand workshops and semi-mechanized production accounted for a considerable.
proportion of raw materials to import materials and the title is not standardized, the quality of good and bad, consumer product quality and business services China's timber circulation association launched in the industry to the integrity of the business as the core of the "double commitment" activities,
and the number of enterprises locked in the 30, the implementation of dynamic management, out of stagnation, the former, the development of the brand, Absorption and progress significantly, in order to guide the industry from the management and innovation to start to provide consumers with value for money,
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