Guangdong furniture factory monthly salary of 4000 difficult

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Guangdong furniture factory monthly salary of 4000 difficult

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<P>Shunde in Guangdong, furniture enterprises, furniture, general workers are like to go to the purple purple park labor market. "See more people, really do less." Many furniture business personnel feeling. According to the local home practitioners, Shunde small and medium enterprises shuffle,Kerusi lipat taman kolam a lot of labor was released, but these in the traditional furniture factory for many years of skilled people, and do not want to look like a good job. "Some people can not find their favorite work, prefer to be idle, walking dogs in the park, playing chess, playing mahjong, they only want to do a few months to the furniture season.</P>
<P>Thirty years of great development, general workers have a new demand. They are concerned about the work: 1, the intensity of work (whether the two classes down,bistro kitchen table set brand name month off time, the working environment is dust, the workshop is air conditioning); 2, the factory location (they do not want to take home to leave a familiar Of the place); 3, wages and benefits. In the recruitment process, general workers pay more attention to the intensity of work, the "wages" is not too urgent. In the survival, food and clothing problems resolved, they also began to focus on quality of life.</P>
<P>In the general structure of the general population, most of them are about 40 years old, 20-30 years old young workers lack. A small amount of young general workers to the workshop trial workers, often do not go for three months, because they can not stand two shifts and hot workshop environment. "Now 90, after 80 as the main force of the various factories, but they cherish the degree of work,bar stools high chair outdoor bar stool footrest the degree of independence is far better than their parents.With the improvement of living conditions, young people generally no longer regarded as a breadwinner, "The staff of the factory responsible personnel have this same feeling.</P>
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