resources of wood flooring production

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resources of wood flooring production

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According to the understanding of the 2005 market, the current cost of upgrading the upstream resources of wood flooring production is increasing. Therefore, in the case of normal operation, it can be found that the cost structure is less than 70 yuan in the market. Standard products. Excessive pursuit of low-cost products.
not only to their own home floor buried hidden dangers, but also contribute to the spread of fake and shoddy products, hope that the relevant departments and the vast number of consumers to be vigilant to be concerned about. Consumption warning two: choose to strengthen the wood floor to pay attention to products,
installation services, accessories accessories comprehensive consideration Consumers Association since 2004, consumer complaints complaints hot spots, 70% is related to the quality of products related to the installation, Accessories, accessories aspects of the content. Authoritative statement: the product installation,
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