entrance gross of lumber

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entrance gross of lumber

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The growth momentum that European Russia lumber imports the market greatly in each is swift and violent first quarter, ou Cai (include Russia) continue to the exit of the United States and annulus Pacific Area raise. Of euro go low to be opposite especially of dollar rate of exchange glide, promoted overseas of factory of interlocking slate deck tiles European sawn timber the gain of the market further.

first quarter, ou Cai is compared to American exit the corresponding period turned over 5 times 2016, climb litre to 690 thousand stere, among them the timber that Germany produces was occupied 79% . Show according to the data of Chinese custom, first quarter, china achieves 5.35 million stere to the entrance gross of lumber,decks around pool pictures among them Ou Cai 3.71 million stere, than 2016 increase first quarter 48% . Growth range of Ou Cai is most impressive, the portion in Chinese market all the way violent wind rises to 69% .

Contrary, the mart branch of North America material is ceaseless by Europe material nibble, glide 24% , the import volume first quarter is only 1.28 million stere. Japan is mixed to wood composite fence pickets for sale entrance trend of Ou Cai Chinese market is very similar. Begin from 2016, ou Cai imports a quantity to present the trend that rises quickly.
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