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ploughing of lumber

PostNapisane: Pn lip 17, 2017 4:40 am
przez Qizhenbi
The strategic meaning that because this regards wooden industry country as the Chinese lumber of one class association and wood association,is based on society progress and Hua Na area are right the consequence of market of whole timber estate is cogitative below, decide in Huanade the area creates Guangdong agency,wood composite decking in genoa the hope borrows by Guangdong agency build drive Hua Na the health of market of area timber estate and even market of countrywide timber estate can develop continuously.

It is reported, association inspected much home to pursue the strength business of wooden industry in Hua Na area to establish Guangdong agency, chose finally to be in deep ploughing of lumber industry catenary is close 10 years special fast group, basically take a fancy to the soft good actual strength of this group. marine weave synthetic snap-in flooring Look above all from good actual strength, special fast group financing is abundant, have rich industry experience. Special virgin company established fast group 2009, register capital up to now 118 million.

The group is in deep ploughing of lumber industry catenary is close 10 years, more than 10 subsidiary that establish below the banner are perfect covered content to shed storage, supply development of business affairs of catenary finance, electron, technology, Hong Kong to purchase the many business such as platform board piece,wooden fence post in cement foundation formed it is more an organic whole, mutiple level the service system of much angle. Develop through nearly 10 years, had become chain of instantly lumber industry one-stop delegate of integrated service business and get army enterprise. Next, special entrance of layout of fast group development supplies catenary integratedly to serve a system.