production of plywood

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production of plywood

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"Messy corrupt " the issue is most outstanding, 36.6% what take fish environment issue. Among them of fish " messy corrupt " problem enterprise outside detailed list have 1627, take fish about " messy corrupt " 34.6% of problem company number. Check group of platoons through each superintend and director, new discovery 29 "synthetic stucco panels for sale messy corrupt " industry group, have more than nearly 2000 company, involve production of plywood treatment, lumber treatment, stone material treatment, paint,

furniture to make, treatment of machining, metal, cast, the industry such as the useless plastic treatment, treatment that abandon aluminium. Cha Qi of superintend and director of the 5th round of environmental protection is moved! 42 enterprises by CCTV exposure! On June 9, superintend and director of the 5th round of second interior wall skirting malaysia aggrandizement checks the job to be started formally. 28 superintend and director check environmental protection ministry group continue to be in the area side Beijing ferry Ji Jizhou to undertake superintend and director of aggrandizement of air pollution prevention and cure check.

28 superintend and director are checked group examine 480 enterprises and unit in all, discover problem of 378 existence environment. Among them, belong to " messy corrupt " 153 of problem enterprise. "Messy corrupt " problem company condition still is highlighted. [Shijiazhuang: Exposure of 18 problems company] Heibei saves evergrain composite decking prices Dong Zhuo of city of state of Shijiazhuang city advance old village of Su Zhendong eminent has 10 steel wire candied floss production enterprise, the dust in producing a course is not had collect with processing facilities,
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