reinforced wood floor

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reinforced wood floor

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Don't touch the floor surface with corrosive liquids such as lye, soap and water, and don't wipe the floor with flammable substances such as gasoline and other high-temperature liquids.2. The reinforced wood floor does not need to be waxed and painted, and should not be polished with sandpaper.
Because the reinforced wood floor is different from the solid wood floor, its surface is relatively smooth, the brightness is better, the wax will be the gild the lily, self-defeating.The strength of the wood floor is also very good, only we should follow the first step of the method to achieve long-term maintenance.
It is recommended to put the pedal at the door to prevent the dust from the dust, damage the floor; the overweight should be smooth and smooth; do not drag and drop the furniture to carry the movement.4. Stains and grease stains on the floor of the floor are cleaned with the home cleaner.
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