floor of the wood clear, decorative effect

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floor of the wood clear, decorative effect

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<p>and primer adhesion is good, the surface is almost no damage. The poor quality of the floor, the surface will be from the powder, and even depression. Fourth: than the consumer can take several brands of antique solid wood flooring samples (color close to) to compare. Comparison of its gloss and feel, coupled with the previous talked about the scratch test, the product can be a natural manifestation of good or bad. Moisture detection: antique flooring is a kind of </p>
<p>solid wood flooring. Therefore, before the purchase of the business should consult the location of the balance of water content, the general moisture content of between 8% to 13%, consumers need to purchase appropriate local moisture content of the floor and related products. Finally, many consumers like to buy a single color of the floor, which can understand, in order to pursue unity Well But the antique floor is clearly known for the personality, consumers </p>
<p>can choose according to the function of the room different styles of the floor. Such as: the child's bedroom can choose bright floor, and the study can choose thick deep color of the floor and so on. Do not have to choose a single color of the floor, the most important or according to their own preferences to choose. Antique wood floor quality identification of small methods, had a small home to share over, and hope to buy antique wood flooring to help. For more </p>
<p>portable temporary deck for the home<br />
outdoor ceiling composite tongue and groove<br />
roll out laminate topping for your deck</p>
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