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All About The U.S. National Geodetic Survey All About The U.S. National Geodetic Survey March 29 Dale Hawerchuk Jets Jersey , 2015 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education
While we know the name and understand the function of many government agencies, there are some that are a bit obscure. This doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t important to making the nation run smoothly. The U.S. National Geodetic Survey is one such agency that supports our nation’s transportation and infrastructure.

It can be helpful to understand what the world “geodetic” means. This term refers to geodesy which is a branch of science dedicated to determining the shape and size of the Earth and the location of points all over the globe. The scientists at this agency work on everything from shoreline mapping to emergency response imagery and airport surveys.

The National Spatial Reference System, its definition and maintenance is that main purpose of this agency. Basically, this system provides accurate information about every square inch of the United States, including land and water. The staff continually maintains information about latitude and longitude as well as scale, height, gravity and orientation. As the earth continues to move and change, so does its types of statistics which can happen throughout the year or over time.

The construction of roads and bridges, as well as creating accurate property lines and the likes is what this type of information benefits greatly from. Problems can occur if the measurements are inaccurate. For example Connor Hellebuyck Jets Jersey , a ship could run aground, if a map shows the depth of the ocean incorrectly, even if it’s just an error of a few feet. Proper mapping and surveying is one of the many examples of how society benefits from it.

Satellites and other technology are used by more and more staff at the U.S National Geodetic Survey to produce highly accurate maps. Other tools that are used to help record changes in elevation, slope, scale and height also exist which comes in different variety. The theodolite is one frequently used surveyor’s tool and you have probably seen engineers and surveyors using these devices on your neighborhood.

A device that measures angles in the horizontal and vertical planes is the theodolite. It is important to know the angle and slope of land in general especially in the creation of our roads and in the construction of homes and other buildings and one can’t imagine them without it. A building settling improperly or a bridge or road being constructed incorrectly can be caused by the slightest error. A theodolite is just one of the tools that might be used at the U.S. National Geodetic Survey. Another device that may also be used to measure angles of slope is the clinometer which is also called an inclinometer.

Carey Bourdier enjoys blogging about precision scientific instruments. To get more information about surveying products such as a surveyor compass, or to find other alignment instruments, check out the Warren Knight website now.

Although it may sound complex, the primary task of a heat exchanger is explained in its name. Heat exchangers are simply a device that has been designed to efficiently transfer heat within machinery.

One of the most common examples of a heat exchanger in action is the average car radiator. Internal combustion engines in cars generate a great deal of heat due to fuel being ignited to drive the pistons. If left unchecked, this heat would result in the engine seizing up and becoming inoperable. The radiator has either water or coolant fluid moving through it. Pipes are used to move this fluid around the engine and in the process the heat is transferred from the engine, into the fluid. When the now heated fluid makes it back to the radiator, the heat is dispersed by the device – effectively a heat exchange between the engine and the radiator.

The above is just one simple example of a heat exchanger in action. Heat exchangers are used in a wide range of industries and are vital to successful manufacturing. Below Bryan Little Jets Jersey , just a few of the major types of heat exchangers will be explained, as well as some of their main applications.

Plate And Frame

Plate and frame heat exchangers are very common, being found in many domestic and commercial air conditioning units. These heat exchange units consist of a number of metal plates placed a small distance apart. In these metal plates there are holes where water pipes can pass through. On one end of the plates cold water passes through, while at the other end there is water that has been heated by the air conditioning unit. The heat is transferred between the two through the metal plate.

It is possible to construct plate and frame heat exchange units to suit both domestic and industrial applications. For more information, you should contact a qualified specialist in heat exchangers.

Free Flow Plates

Free flow plates work in much the same way as a regular plate heat exchanger, but they have been slightly modified for use in particular industries. Many industrial processes involve the cooling of liquids that contain fibres or other solids – this is especially common in food production. Free flow plate units have been designed so that there is no contact between the metal plates. In addition to this, the plates are often corrugated improving the flow rate of liquids. This means that there is a greatly reduced chance of the cooling unit becoming clogged with solid materials. Reducing stoppages in this manner is crucial for maintaining a smooth and efficient production process.

If you think you require a free flow heat exchange system, you should contact a specialist who can offer an expert opinion.

Custom Design

Many heat exchange units can be . Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys
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