lower levels is aluminous

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lower levels is aluminous

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of total index be issued to lower levels is aluminous model board and pattern plate index rise 24.83 a little bit to mix 52.04 a little bit, because weight is lesser, Security Fencing Products Uae not big to total index influence. As we have learned, over or across of holiday of 2 Spring Festivals 1, two 2 month, bigger to influence of plank sales volume, cause 1 quarter board kind development boom index compared to the same period, annulus comparing all drops.

From the point of prices of in former years, 1 quarter is plank kind purchase traditional busy season, this year since plank market reopen after a cessation of business, Laminated Membrane Deck Flooring prices shows month by month to rise posture, developed boom index March among them relatively rose 39.43 a little bit Feburary, relatively expression of in former years shows aftereffect to be not worth slightly.

Investigate its reason: Suffer effect of Spring Festival holiday on one hand, time of market reopen after a cessation of business is later, trade the forehead, Covered Patios With Composite Decking Floors trade the quantity glides; on the other hand, a large amount of goods and materials end last year and raw material rise in price wait for an element to bring about plank to produce company profit to be compressed continuously,Wpc Deck Board Supplier
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