jade, put it down. For large pieces of wood

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jade, put it down. For large pieces of wood

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<p>coffee table, Also relatively rare). In the red wood root carved coffee table, the chicken wing wood root carved coffee table is a cost-effective products. After all, the same price is difficult to buy such a hard, high density, with mahogany basic characteristics of the product. Do not believe in African chicken wings or other countries of the chicken wing wood, because the roots of the current in addition to Myanmar Laos, the other countries must pass through </p>
<p>the customs to come, and the root is not through the national biological monitoring, the state Not for this benefit so that the roots come in. Followed by a very small number of root packing, freight is very expensive, even in Myanmar, Laos over the transport costs are high, the domestic chicken wings root carved coffee table prices determine the foreign market without a market. Yunnan chicken wing wood root carving coffee shop to buy, look at the new material </p>
<p>or the old material, of course, the old material is better, time is long enough, natural rotting dry degreasing too. The identification method is: the old material due to the composition of the wood inside the natural oxidation, the general color than the normal dark side of the wood. In addition, due to the long time, the nutritional layer of wood (white skin) generally have natural rot, or be eaten by insects, the rest of the dark heart, that is dark, the skin is no white wood </p>
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