solid wood furniture

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solid wood furniture

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<p>brought about by the ups and downs in particular, do companies on the surface is 'heterogeneous alliance', in fact, just to find a 'alternative spokesperson' ? Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly and more attractive In the purchase of solid wood conference table products in the process of health, environmental protection has </p>
<p>become the main factor in the majority of consumers. In the supermarkets, the reporter interviewed several owners, 80% of the owners to buy furniture are biased towards solid wood furniture, mostly because of its environmental protection, practical, Reporters in the major office furniture store survey found that the mid-range panel furniture </p>
<p>office 5 sets (1.8 meters desk, office chairs, filing cabinets) price of 5000-6000 yuan, and a set of low-grade solid wood furniture bedroom Five-piece price is generally 8000 to 10,000 yuan. It is not difficult to find expensive plate furniture and cheap solid wood furniture, the price is very similar. And in this case many owners would rather </p>
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