How should the wooden floor be maintained?

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How should the wooden floor be maintained?

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<P>If there is already a gravel, to be timely with a semi-wet soft wipe cloth wipe. It is best to put the average prize slippers into the room,как сделать педаль автомобиля из ПВХ трубы not to bring the gravel into. Do not wear the soles of the feet with nails as well as the hard shoes to move around, so that the surface by the operation. Rough, heavy and high hardness of the items, do not drag on the wooden floor.</P>
<P>When placed, should also be padded to protect the cushion, and pay attention to light; bottom with angular items, not to be placed directly on the wood surface to prevent operation. If the operation, should be repaired at all times. Repair, whether it is nail-mounted,наружные колоды для продажи Филиппины specifications, or paint colors, should strive to restore the original, should not be inconsistent with the overall wooden floor, inconsistent phenomenon, affecting its overall appearance.</P>
<P>Anti-dirt solid wood flooring is also afraid of dirt. If it is water-soluble substances left the general dirt, you can first wipe the dust,деревянный пластиковый композитный поддон германия and then use a soft wipes dipped in thick tea, Taobao water or orange peel soaked orange peel water wipe. So that both can remove the dirt, but also to restore the film of the raging if it is phlegm, chewing gum, oil paint and other difficult to remove the dirt, do not rush to use gasoline wipe, the reason has been as mentioned above.</P>
<P>Must carefully distinguish the nature of the dirt and then decide to take a different approach and different cleaning agents to clean up. For those who do not understand the chemical properties of the cleaning agent,стоимость забора фермы mexico can not be free to use, so as not to produce chemical reactions with the paint caused by damage to the floor. Do not use easy to damage. Do not use a hardener or tool that easily damages the paint film. Should consult experts and teachers to decide to deal with the program.</P>
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