board for the glue

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board for the glue

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<p>or other suitable adhesive made of artificial plate, according to their density, divided into high density board, MDF, low density board. MDF due to soft impact resistance, but also easy to re-processing. In foreign countries, MDF is a good material for making furniture, but because of the national standards on the height of the board than the </p>
<p>international standard several times lower, so the use of MDF quality in China has yet to be improved. 7, fire board fire board is the use of siliceous materials or calcium material as the main raw material, with a certain percentage of fiber materials, lightweight aggregate, adhesives and chemical additives mixed by the autoclave technology </p>
<p>made of decorative plates. Is now more and more use of a new type of material, its use is not just because of fire factors. The construction of the fire board for the glue glue requirements are relatively high, better quality fire board price than the decorative panel also expensive. The thickness of the fire board is generally 0.8mm, 1mm and </p>
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