fire extremely easily

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fire extremely easily

Postprzez Qizhenbi » Pt paź 13, 2017 5:29 am

machines an enterprise to cause fire extremely easily, last to carry condition of whole area fire the favorable situation with smooth height,tongue and groove wood porch flooring take strict precautions against accident of of all kinds heavy especially big fire to happen, began on March 14, haze hill group installs Dong Weijie path, area to install lumber of area under

administration of development of bureau of forestry of inspect bureau, division to machine an enterprise to begin fire control safety to cleaning timber deck material check jointly. The exit of fire control safety to enterprise job shops, scattered passageway is expedite circumstance; Lash-up illume and scattered directive mark are in good 7 ft tall planter plans fence condition and effective

circumstance; Electric equipment installation is used and circuit lays normative; Fire control safety is on duty v/arc be on the throne of personnel small above ground pools floor on guard fulfills duty circumstance; Fire extinguisher material safeguarded administrative case to have detailed examination. Confused to checking the electric equipment circuitry of discovery
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