increased by raising

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increased by raising

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<p>Co., Ltd. exports every year in North America and Europe and other places of plate furniture up to 130 million yuan, foreign trade manager Sheng Yongqing said that the new law provides formaldehyde emission standards, much higher than they are currently used for export equivalent to domestic E1 Grade plate standard, to E0 grade plate </p>
<p>standards. 'E0 board instead of E1 board, the cost increase of at least 20%.' Sheng Yongqing said. At present, the average gross profit of furniture enterprises is about 30% -40%. Once the new standard bill is implemented, more than half of the profits will be eroded. Price increase to become the first choice for business. Zhejiang Hexin </p>
<p>Toy Co., Ltd. annual export scale of about 8 million US dollars, general manager He Bin said that the company is doing independent brand exports, a strong bargaining power, the cost can be increased by raising the export price to deal with. 'We will generally take the means of consultation with customers, the share of this part of the </p>
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