solid wood flooring

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solid wood flooring

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<p>inspection, the results are surprising, 16 batches of sampling 14 batches failed. Shanghai is China's important floor production base, the Shanghai floor brand awareness is the highest in the country.<a href=''>outside white composite bench</a> China's own production of the first piece of reinforced floor is in Shanghai Huili birth. According to statistics, Shanghai currently has more than 200 floor production enterprises, in 2004, Shanghai solid wood flooring production of more than 20 million square meters, more than 3 million square meters of solid wood flooring,composite deck stair stringers laminate flooring more than 22 million square meters, the output value of more than 6 billion yuan , Accounting for almost 20% of the country. </p>
<p>The elephant, Huili, Feilinger and other well-known brands is a national Mianjian products. And because of these counterfeit processing enterprises in the production technology and quality management deficiencies,<a href=''>price composite terrace flooring</a> resulting in serious deterioration of the quality of the floor, consumer complaints often occur, to the real 'Shanghai manufacturing' cast a shadow.white lattice fence panel around deck pool How to name the Shanghai floor, the answer is to go fine of the road. Earlier this year, the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association floor committee through careful organization and strict selection, launched the '2005 Shanghai boutique solid wood flooring 20 and fine wood composite floor </p>
<p>20'. Recently, the same is after several rigorous assessment of the 'Shanghai boutique to strengthen the wood floor 9' and fresh baked. According to Li Honggang,<a href=''>horizon fence panels</a> Shanghai fine floor of the assessment work through a rigorous, orderly, careful multi-channel procedures. First of all, enterprises to declare, Shanghai boutique to strengthen the requirements of the floor of the declaration of enterprises is very strict, for the declaration of production equipment and testing equipment, certification, assets and sales are hard targets,lumber liquidators laminate flooring in china and product standards, after-sales service Security system, and even on the floor pavement team of professional and the number </p>
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