too much innovation

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too much innovation

Postprzez Qizhenbi » Pn paź 23, 2017 6:10 am

<p>model, and the cabinet industry is still hovering in the price competition of this Superficial, sadly sigh ah! Call for innovation, where is the cabinet industry tomorrow? Cabinet industry development to today, is still in the situation of the separatist separatism, yet did not form a benign competition, in the final analysis, or because the industry </p>
<p>lacks monopoly and subversive innovation. Due to the low addition of the product technology of the cabinet itself, coupled with the inherent characteristics of the wood, the cabinet products are difficult to find a breakthrough from their own, but also makes the cabinet is not too much innovation can be found, so the cabinet function has become </p>
<p>the only Speculation magic, the result is caused by a large number of cabinet enterprises focus on speculation situation. We put aside the product of the functional innovation for the time being, and then look at the development of the cabinet industry, we exchange is able to reflect the characteristics of the industry to achieve industry </p>
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