solid wood flooring

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solid wood flooring

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<p>pattern of China's flooring industry. East China, especially in Shanghai and Hangzhou area of ​​the development of flooring industry is much higher than other parts of the country, has gradually become the leading Chinese flooring industry.<a href=''>plastic exterior faux wood wall siding</a> China's flooring industry is the beginning of the solid wood flooring, the production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the northeast, southwest and other domestic forest-rich areas, to domestic wood such as pine, oak, ash, etc. As the substrate, because of the low degree of mechanization,deck wrecker at seven trest the process is simple and rough, the product to the main plate, grade is low, the number of large enterprises, heyday of about seven </p>
<p>or eight thousand, 90 late, with the national forestry policy Adjustment, a large area of ​​domestic forest cutting, cutting, many small businesses because of rice without cooking and have cut production or conversion.<a href=''>wpc decking outdoor flooring</a> The adjustment of the national forestry policy has provided good development opportunities for the coastal areas such as East China and South China, and the implementation of the annual tariffs on imported timber so that these areas can rely on the geographical advantages of coastal areas and easily obtain large quantities of high quality imported raw much it cost to deck balcony Through the introduction of advanced domestic and foreign Mechanical </p>
<p>processing equipment and technology, not only improve the processing efficiency, but also enhance the quality and grade of solid wood flooring, coupled with China's huge and sustained strong market demand,<a href=''>wood plastic exterior wall panel distributors south africa</a> the majority of enterprises in the region quickly completed the original capital accumulation, and gradually formed a scale. In 1998 or so, Zhejiang Huzhou Nanxun solid wood flooring industry began to rise, just a few years, the region has nearly three hundred solid wood flooring business,synthetic wood porch flooring China's solid wood flooring industry to further tilt to the East China region. Second, the East China to strengthen the advantages of composite flooring industry in 1995, </p>
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