consumer Security caused

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consumer Security caused

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<p>companies across Spain imported furniture worth $ 688 million from abroad. Although the Spanish furniture imports are large, but before that, the government and the customs of the quality of imported furniture, but did not form a perfect system, which led to a large number of defects in the quality of foreign furniture through the customs </p>
<p>into the Spanish market, and to the consumer Security caused a hidden danger. At present, the port of Valencia is the customs of the import of furniture products to check the largest port, mainly because the vast majority of imports of furniture in Spain, are completed through the port. Customs estimates that in 2010, they will at least check </p>
<p>out 4 million pieces of furniture products imported from various countries, furniture products imported from China and Vietnam, is the main object of the Spanish customs inspection.Following the success of the August 6 in Shenyang, China flooring industry services in the annual management of the first floor channel managers training </p>
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