Causes of cracks in solid wood flooring

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Causes of cracks in solid wood flooring

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<P>As the production of solid wood flooring wood shrinkage coefficient is different, the wood itself has a high moisture content, coupled with changes in climate and air humidity,where to get cheap privacy fencing under normal circumstances, solid wood flooring will appear to varying degrees, shrinkage phenomenon. As long as the floor of the dry shrinkage gap in the national standard, are normal. At present, the national standard in the solid wood floor dry shrinkage gap should be no more than 2 mm, more than 2 mm dry shrinkage gap is not normal.</P>
<p>Solid wood flooring appear dry shrinkage gap and expansion joints are two different concepts, consumers can not be confused. The expansion joints are reserved in the pavement below the baseboard,buy best cheap pvc fence the gap between the floor and the wall. Dry shrinkage gap is due to the moisture content of the wood itself is too high, and the surrounding environment is too dry and lead to shrinkage of wood cracks.</p>
<P>Consumers encountered solid wood flooring dry shrinkage gap is too large, such as the gap width of more than 2 mm, can find manufacturers to re-pavement, but if the gap is less than or equal to 2 mm,nanocellulose powder production process the gap is more, can only bear the cost of re-pavement.</P>
<P>If the gap is small, there is no need to re-pavement, but there is no effective way to repair, you can through the humidifier to improve the indoor environment and other methods of maintenance,affordable privacy fences for sale in india at the same time, try to ensure constant temperature, expand. In general, the smaller gap will not affect the overall aesthetic effect of the floor, it will not affect the use of the floor.</P>
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