wood, rosewood. Elm furniture, the market is chaotic

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wood, rosewood. Elm furniture, the market is chaotic

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<p>test the strength of the general multi-layer with the board, large area The partition plate should be made of five layers. Door and drawer switch to be flexible. When the panel is covered with veneer and other materials, the color of the product should be similar to that of the complete product. The surface of the product is not allowed to wrinkle, sticky and leaky. 7, check the drawer of the slide and the latch drawer should be solid and solid, tighten the screw inside. </p>
<p>May wish to pull the drawer, the activities of the desktop, doors and other parts, to ensure that can be used freely, and the correct connection. 8, observe the advantages and disadvantages of open wooden furniture doors, drawers, observe whether the wood is dry, white, texture is close, delicate. If you have to join the particleboard, MDF and a molding plate and other materials produced furniture, to open the door or drawer, smell to see if there is irritating </p>
<p>smell. 9, the furniture upside down the chair and the furniture side of the pad upside down to see how they are made. As for the table, check from the bottom. To see if the joints are reinforced with screws and wedges, and the slats are tightly connected to the crossbar, and there is no excess glue and packing. 10, check the surface of the hand on the surface of the furniture, carefully check the polished surface is smooth, in particular, to avoid the feet and other </p>
<p>exterior composite board 2x16<br />
wood composite panel pvc board<br />
composite gate slat price</p>
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