state of the real estate

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state of the real estate

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<p>for 20 years, be more mature, but in terms of the strict sense of the 'public' role, no core products, monotony. Le Ma has a long history in foreign countries, and have good technical support, know what is the product consumers need, the Chinese culture and the Chinese consumer preferences combined. Therefore, Le Mai products a listing, </p>
<p>immediately attracted the industry attaches great importance to the distinctive product style, the global synchronized product color, the leading edge of international technology, so that peer and consumers from the bottom of my heart impressed. This year the state of the real estate market for unprecedented control, many home </p>
<p>businesses are beginning to worry about the property New Deal this blow will blow to the downstream. Many domestic brands have played for this 'promotion', 'none other' banner, in order to cope with the oppression of the property New Deal, and for China to enter a year of Le Mai floor, this policy seems to bring to the enterprise is </p>
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